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Wood & Metal Working

DIY Projects: How To Build Your Own DIY Wine Rack

Save some space with this  DIY wine rack that also comes as a valuable and decorative house piece. Other than it is very easy to build, this actually doesn't cost much compared to buying a ready made one.  It's also a way to test your woodworking and probably prepare you for more complicated projects in the future.  In this video, DIY Pete shows us how to make one convenient …Continue Reading

[Video] DIY Butcher Block Cutting Board Projects

Would you like to have sturdy and reliable cooking pieces that are not only useful but will also embellish your kitchen? Start by scratching off a Butcher Block Cutting Board off from your list. There's no need to buy one. Just make one of your own! This cutting board can be a productive way of spending your Project-Weekend, that will  serve as a gift to a friend who loves to …Continue Reading