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11 DIY Painting Tricks For A Successful Home Transformation

Itching to get that house repainting started? Save from spending on labor and do this job on your own.  Grab your paint bucket and get lost in a room transformation with these painting tricks! 11 DIY Painting Tricks For A Successful Home Transformation It is time to gear up in your overalls and give your house a painting finish that will make your wife's jaw drop to the …Continue Reading

Tidy Up With This Cute Mail Organizer

If you have a super busy lifestyle, organizing is one of the skills that you should acquire. One of the most overlooked organizational task is the mail, which almost always ends up in a pile on your kitchen table. And we all know what happens when we leave our mail unorganized - unpaid bills, unanswered letters, ignored correspondences. But don't fret, this cute mail organizer …Continue Reading

Trash To Treasure | 17 Recycled Arts & Crafts Projects

One mans trash is another mans treasure in this case. Have you ever walked down the street and found the perfect old vintage dresser that just transported you back in time? Well, that's exactly what the nature of this post is all about. Finding beauty in old broken, beaten down, and lackluster furniture. Sometimes you have to look past its rough exterior and see that all it …Continue Reading