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Understanding Your Home Heating and Cooling System [INFOGRAPHIC]

Understanding Your Home Heating and Cooling System Keeping a home warm and toasty can be quite costly. Nearly 50% of a home's energy consumption can often be attributed to heating it in the winter and cooling it in the summer, according to RSI. Thankfully, there are many simple DIY things that you can do to significantly lower utility bills this season. Check out this …Continue Reading

DIY Furniture Ideas | 3 Considerations for New Furnishings

DIY Furniture Ideas 3 Considerations for New Furnishings Furnishings play a major role in the entire appearance of the house -- every furniture piece has its own spirit which affects its surroundings. It sounds intuitive to "improve" new furniture. After all, it should be in perfect condition if it's brand new. However, every piece of furniture can be improved, even on its …Continue Reading

Pinewood Derby Car Designs to Make for Your Next Big Win

Got a race coming up? These pinewood derby car designs are sure to get you to the finish line! Hey Speed Racer! Check out these pinewood derby car designs and start carving your boxcar today! Some of the designs are fast and aerodynamic and others are simply adorable. Browse the list -- there's definitely a derby car design that will work for you. Pinewood Derby Car …Continue Reading

How to Make a Cigar Box Lamp | DIY Lamp Tutorial

Interested in making a DIY lamp? This totally unique, vintage-inspired cigar lamp makes an extraordinary gift and adds sultry ambiance to any space. This gorgeous cigar box lamp looks like a million bucks -- but it won't cost you nearly that much! If you've got a basic arsenal of tools, this could be a great DIY project for you to try your hand at. Personally, I love the …Continue Reading

DIY Wedding Invitation Kits

Getting married? Check out these DIY wedding invitation kits.  Ok, full disclosure: I'm not getting married. But my sister is! And I'm so in love with love (I don't care how cheesy that sounds), that I'm helping her with a ton of the planning. Because I'm a little bit craftier than her, I'm taking on some of the DIY projects, including the wedding invitations. I haven't …Continue Reading

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