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How To Fix Your Own Car Part 1 – Remove Dents With A Suction Cup

Sometimes we just happen to screw things up and the universe doesn't conspire with us. Want proof? The moment when you got late for an important office meeting or the time when you damaged your car and there were dents, and you really don't plan on having any. We wish you well for your job but for the latter, we have an easy solution for you. There's a DIY solution for car …Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Car Without Going To The Carwash

So you always take a trip to the carwash and have your car cleaned. Sure it saves you time but it doesn't save you money. You also miss the chance to personally know the ins, outs, proper maintenance and care for your own car. Don't you think it's time you get moving and take care of your car personally? Do this by learning how you can clean your car easily - without going to …Continue Reading