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How To Build An Utterly Unique Set Of Axe Shelves

As I’ve mentioned before, I like to re-use things or find old, broken or discarded items and revamp them for a new lease on life.  So when I was chopping wood one day, and my trusty old axe broke, I was determined to find something interesting and unique to do with it.  Since an axe is a sharp weapon of a decent size, I needed to find the right use for it, as trying to force it …Continue Reading

Coastal Distressed End Table Step-By-Step Building Guide

If you're someone who likes to take old things and make them new again with a twist, then you should consider upcycling this coastal distressed end table! As much as I like building things from scratch and working with wood, my true passion is salvaging unique items and giving them a new lease on life, sometimes as something completely different!  Salvaging is about going …Continue Reading

Build Your Own Floating Deck | Step-By-Step Guide To A More Relaxing Backyard

We have a great front yard and enjoy spending time in it. However, it is right on the sidewalk and street, so there is a high volume of people passing by. And while I love to say “hi” to my neighbors and wave to friends passing by, it’s also nice to have a little private area to unwind. Now, understand that “private” in a city is relative. If we truly wanted to be totally …Continue Reading

Building Your Own Workbench | The Foundation To Future Projects

Hello everyone, my name is Hunt Ethridge and welcome to my new column Hunt & Gather!  I love tools, I love creativity and I like combining the two.  Whether it’s designing and building something from scratch, rehabbing an old piece or upcycling a unique item for a new life, if I can get my hands dirty and make something, I’m a happy man! So today, I am going to be kicking …Continue Reading

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