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3 Champagne Cocktail Recipes for New Year’s Eve

Looking for some festive drink recipes to celebrate the New Year? You've come to the right place! These champagne cocktail recipes help you ring in the New Year with a twist -- literally! Champagne cocktails are always associated with New Year's Eve celebrations! Sparkles and bubbles! If you want to get more festive with your plain champagne, get fancy and mix up one of …Continue Reading

17 Awesome Bedroom Organization Ideas You Can Do Before Holidays

Don't allow the holidays to come without being ready for it, here are some awesome bedroom organization ideas for you to do, and they're super easy! Do These Bedroom Organization Ideas For The Holidays Whether managing the lights and darks, or compartmentalizing your drawers to separate paired items, or creating new storage items to help you with all your things, you can do …Continue Reading

17 Small Kitchen Ideas for Renters: How to Organize Efficiently This Holiday

There are many small kitchen ideas for organizing and improving your rented home - even during the hectic holiday season. For us at home, the kitchen is where the magic happens, from the sweet delightful desserts and pastries to the mouthwatering dishes. However, there might be a slight challenge if you have a small kitchen in your rented space. Not to worry, because these …Continue Reading

QUIZ: What Should You Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Wondering what you should bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Take this quiz to find out what you're meant to bring to whatever Thanksgiving feast you attend! Typically if you attend someone else's Thanksgiving dinner you bring along a side dish, dessert, or alcoholic beverage of some sort -- something for all the diners to enjoy and to take some of the pressure off the host. …Continue Reading

How to Make Kitchen Island Storage | DIY Projects

Always on the lookout for small kitchen idea to stretch your functional area? Your space may be scarce, but with a little bit of creativity, you can squeeze in more fab and function into your kitchen with this island storage! It doesn’t mean that you can’t have a lovely kitchen if you don’t have a bigger space to work with. Of course, not! With the right design and smart …Continue Reading

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