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6 Home Remedies for Sunburn

Here are six easy home remedies for sunburn that will help heal you fast. You'll be back in the pool or on the beach in no time! We’ve all been there: you're hanging by the pool or at the beach with your friends, having a good time without a care in the world. Time passes and you don't realize how long your poor epidermis has been baking, or you forget to reapply …Continue Reading

11 Ways to Use Old Easter Candy

Yes, even candy can be repurposed.  The Easter holiday has come and gone, leaving behind baskets and bags full of candy in its wake. Instead of munching on the same candy day after day (or chucking the sweets out entirely), satisfy your sweet tooth cravings using a few creative candy makeovers. Transform leftover Easter snacks from tiresome treats into unforgettable …Continue Reading

16 Sweet & Boozy Camping Recipes

There's no time like summer to sit by a campfire and indulge in your favorite treats. And I suspect that more than a few of you would consider a yummy dessert and adult beverage among your favorite things to treat yourself to. So next time you're planning a camping trip or even just making a fire at home, turn to these campsite perfect recipes for enjoying the great …Continue Reading

DIY Easter Bunny Rolls

Easter has arrived, and so have the Easter Bunny Rolls! DIY Easter Bunny Rolls With spring comes the warm weather, the bright colors, and the holidays. Easter is right around the corner. So as your hiding the eggs, getting the marshmallow shaped birds and bunnies, don't forget to try some new things for your Easter party! I'm not sure about you but I love bringing new …Continue Reading

Mason Jar Salad Recipes | DIY Projects

Want to eat your greens all week long, but find it difficult to bring all your salad fixings to work or school? After all, a salad is just not as tantalizing without all the tiny accoutrements, like crumpled cheese, slivered nuts and dried berries. But who wants to bring all that to work? Hello mason jar salad recipes! The mason jar salad offers an ingenious (and did I …Continue Reading

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