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15 Best Homemade Halloween Candy

What's the best part about Halloween... the candy, duh. Well we've got some great homemade Halloween candy ideas that are sure to put you in the scary mood. Whoever said that sweet and scary can't go hand in hand. These Halloween candy ideas prove that sweet also has a dark side. 15 Best Homemade Halloween Candy Halloween is the time of the year when almost everyone would …Continue Reading

Color Your Kitchen With These DIY Painted Utensils

Want to add a little color to your kitchen? Get your kitchen utensils ready and bring colorful fun to cooking up something wonderful with this DIY painted utensils project. With a bit of paint, you can show your own take on revamping kitchen utensils. Just add a little burst of color to your cooking tools and see how fabulous they can be. Not only are they perfect for your …Continue Reading

20 Sweet Treats to Bake This Fall

We love fall. It's the perfect season to eat and cover up with your sweater.  If you're looking for some sweet treats to bake this fall we've got the perfect fall dessert recipes to try. From breads to doughnuts, there's something for every sweet tooth. Get ready for this list of the best sweet treats you can bake this fall!  20 Sweet Treats to Bake This Fall Pumpkins and …Continue Reading

Healthy Watermelon, Cucumber & Berry Smoothie Recipe

Nothing is better when you're trying to stay healthy than a crisp and delicious smoothie to satisfy your cravings! Check out this fantastic healthy watermelon, cucumber & berry smoothie recipe!   Enjoy This Healthy Watermelon, Cucumber & Berry Smoothie Recipe! Despite the fact that you can use so many ingredients in smoothies, most people tend to stick to only …Continue Reading

DIY Party Drink: How to Make a Self-Freezing Slushie

Don’t wait for Free Slurpee Day to get your slushie fix! This DIY party drink lets you make your own slushie in an instant. In just a few seconds, you can turn any soda into a delicious drink that freezes right before your eyes. All you need is a bottle of soda! DIY Party Drink: How to Make a Self-Freezing Slushie Impress your friends with this fun party drink! With this fast …Continue Reading

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