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House Restoration Projects: A Handy Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

House Restoration Projects: A Handy Guide Are you turned off by the sight of decrepit old buildings in a state of disrepair? If so, you could be the person to breathe new life into such structures. Learn how to restore disused homes and revamp their condition condition from bleak to beautiful. This infographic from online furniture retailer Chic Furniture and Gift gives a …Continue Reading

How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor

Are you a DIY home project star who wants to learn how to acid stain concrete floors? Staining concrete is a great way to add an elegant look to your home. Stained concrete would look great in counter tops, patio or your garage. You can automatically improve how your home looks with acid stain concrete. How to Acid Stain Concrete Floor | Concrete Stain If you're moving in a …Continue Reading

How To Paint A Concrete Floor

This post came to me after many years of my carpets taking a beating. If you have pets, kids, or any other kind of mess maker then this project is probably perfect for you. Depending on how large the size of the room is, it shouldn't take very long if you move quickly. If you're feeling like tearing up that old carpet that's got mystery stains - we highly recommend trying this …Continue Reading

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