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Mason Jar Crafts | Vintage Pendant Lighting

We are in love with how simple and beautiful this mason jar pendant light project turned out!  You can use any style of light bulb you like– we love the Edison Bulbs for their vintage charm! This mason jar pendant light fixture makes for great bedroom lighting, or you can even make a bundle of them for a mason jar chandelier over your kitchen table!   How to Make …Continue Reading

DIY Draft Stopper Ideas To Keep The Cold Winter Air Out

A draft stopper can prevent the cold breeze from entering through your windows and doors. This chilly air doesn't only give you cold feet; it can also send your energy bills to the roof! Here's a list of DIY draft stopper ideas to keep winter air outdoors. RELATED: 20 Curb Appeal Front Door Ideas To Ring In Autumn DIY Draft Dodgers to Keep Your Home Cozy | 13 Draft Stopper …Continue Reading

A Comprehensive Guide To Vinyl Siding Repair

Here we have the answers to all your questions about vinyl siding repair and how you can maintain it. RELATED: How To Paint Baseboards The Right Way To Avoid A Messy Room Repaint In this article: What is Vinyl Siding? How Many Years Does a Vinyl Siding Last? Can You Repair a Vinyl Siding? When Should You Replace a Vinyl Siding? How Much Does a Vinyl …Continue Reading

Learn How To Repair A Window Screen Like A Pro!

Mosquitoes and other insects are more active during summertime and having a broken window screen can spell a lot of trouble. Good thing we're here to help you with how to repair your window screen in just a few steps that you can do in less than an hour. RELATED: 200 Home Maintenance Tips and Repair Ideas You Can DIY Quick Steps and Guide on How to Repair a Window Screen …Continue Reading

Bohemian Style Home Decor Ideas

Bohemian style home decor is often represented with bold, colorful prints, lots of pillows, cushions rugs and other unique pieces. It's not just a random mashup of things, that's shabby not chic, but if you need some inspiration for your bohemian style home decor we have some cool ideas. Read on for more!   Colorful Furniture You might have to do a bit of DIY to …Continue Reading

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