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12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away

Love tinkering with your furniture? Then you'll love these IKEA hacks! New home, new season, new family member… whatever the reason you're updating your decor, these IKEA hacks will be useful for you. Instead of spending a small fortune for a more polished look, you can just head to IKEA or upcycle the pieces you already have. Say goodbye to your drab, plain home, and say …Continue Reading

How to Make Homemade Dog Shampoo

Interested in making your own homemade dog shampoo? Go for it -- you pooch will thank you. Let's face it– even if your pup rarely sets a paw outside the doggy door, an occasional bath is a necessity. What's great is there are multiple natural and inexpensive methods for washing your dog that all beat buying the chemical-laden commercial shampoos found in stores. Just …Continue Reading

6 DIY Beauty Products to Boost Your Natural Appeal

These DIY beauty products will make you look and feel your best -- without breaking the bank.  Must-try Beauty Recipes Beauty products don’t have to cost a fortune. Many that advertise anti-aging benefits get those benefits from natural ingredients that you probably already have! Instead of spending a ton of money to buy them, try making a few at home. You’d be surprised at …Continue Reading

How to Lay Tile in Bathroom | DIY Home Improvement Projects

Love DIY home improvement projects? Want to learn how to lay tile in bathroom? Check out this handy tutorial!  How to Lay Tile in Bathroom | DIY Home Improvement Projects Looking for challenging but rewarding DIY home improvement projects? This might be the DIY for you! Laying bathroom tiles is not as easy as it might seem. To give your bathroom that perfect professional …Continue Reading

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