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Bohemian Style Home Decor Ideas

Bohemian style home decor is often represented with bold, colorful prints, lots of pillows, cushions rugs and other unique pieces. It's not just a random mashup of things, that's shabby not chic, but if you need some inspiration for your bohemian style home decor we have some cool ideas. Read on for more!  Colorful FurnitureYou might have to do a bit of DIY to …Continue Reading

The Basics of Hemming- Video Tutorial

Hemming is a skill that everyone should learn, and just in case you haven't we have you covered. Check out the easy to follow video tutorial below. How to Make a Dress | Dressmaking Classes Lesson 6 - How to Hem Being able to sew is one thing, being able to make it look like a finished product is another. Here we will learn how to hem, how to turn and press, and how to …Continue Reading

Sports Themed Craft Projects

Craft Projects can be fun for the entire family, but often times we see quite a bit of craft projects for females, or the girly girls. Today we decided to mix it up a bit, giving some cool craft ideas for the men, the boys and the tomboys. Check them out below. Photo Booth Props some fun while watching the game with friends and …Continue Reading

Learn to Make this Cute Mermaid Cosmetics Bag

Cosmetics bag is a very convenient option for on-the-go, but who says it has to be a plain old bag? Nope, we don't subscribe to plain around these parts, and if you can't find something to suit your taste, don't worry we can show you how to make it. Check out this DIY mermaid cosmetics bag tutorial.  DIY Mermaid Cosmetics Bag  createcraftlove once again gets our …Continue Reading