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15 Fun Summer DIY Projects For The Whole Family

Don't miss the chance to make something memorable and have fun with your family this season by doing one of these summer DIY projects!RELATED: 20 DIY Summer Fashion Tips To Beat The Heat Summer DIY Projects You Must Try With Your Family Fun DIY Projects This SummerDon’t let your family lounge on the couch all day and waste this awesome, sunny season. Head to the …Continue Reading

63 Things To Never Throw Away For DIY Junkies [2nd Edition]

Check out this list of things to never throw away and what to do with them, especially if you love to DIY!RELATED: 35 DIY Clothes | Tops, Tees, And Blouses Edition Things to Never Throw Away for Your Next DIY Projects 1. Wine CorksWith these DIY wine cork crafts and the things you can do with corks, it's a shame to throw them away, indeed. Next time, keep them all …Continue Reading

19 Super Cool Wine Bottle Crafts and Ideas To DIY

Take these cool and creative wine bottle crafts and ideas you can DIY, so you can be both a wine connoisseur and an expert at crafting and upcycling!RELATED: 19 Super Cool Wine Bottle Crafts and Ideas To DIY DIY Wine Bottle Crafts: More Excuses to Buy Wine! 1. Hanging PlanterThis hanging planter will look gorgeous in or out of doors, because why not? I'm certain …Continue Reading

12 DIY Shabby Chic Furniture Ideas

Looking for some DIY shabby chic furniture ideas? You're not alone, as I'm hunting down vintage furniture for my cottage style decorating project as well. Only, it doesn't help that distressed furniture and vintage pieces can be quite expensive. Good thing there are DIY shabby chic furniture projects you can count on for your dream house or room decoration. Check out this …Continue Reading