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How to Make DIY Herbal Breath Spray

Want a natural way to freshen your breath without the unnatural chemicals used in chewing gum or breath mints? We’ve got the simplest answer for you – a DIY herbal breath spray! After eating, do you instinctively reach for a chewing gum or breath mints? It can be refreshing - especially after eating a meal with lots of garlic and/or onions. I'm a sucker for both... Most …Continue Reading

Should You Do Your Own DIY Wedding Makeup?

Wedding emergency! Are you considering doing your own makeup on your wedding day? Can't make up your mind? Here's the pros and cons of doing DIY wedding makeup on your Big Day. All brides wants to achieve that fabled bridal glow on their wedding day. Saying "I do" has been a dream since childhood and you've prepared for it all your life - that moment when you walk down …Continue Reading

9 DIY Air Freshener Ideas

Use DIY air freshener to add bright fragrance to any space. Why buy store-bought air fresheners that are chock full of chemicals whose names you can't pronounce if you can make them yourself? And do-it-yourself you can! There are a ton of neat DIY air freshener tutorials -- check  some of my favorites out: 9 DIY Air Freshener Ideas 1. Lavender Air Freshener Baking …Continue Reading

40 Pinterest Fails to Make Your DIY Day

Love Pinterest DIY but wonder how all these homemade crafts and projects always come out looking so easy and beautiful? The short answer is: they don't. We've all been there when we tried to recreate a masterpiece and ended up with a mess. These are dubbed Pinterest fails. And don't worry...this post was not created to make fun of anyone or point out people's mistakes. We are …Continue Reading

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