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6 Home Remedies for Sunburn

Here are six easy home remedies for sunburn that will help heal you fast. You'll be back in the pool or on the beach in no time! We’ve all been there: you're hanging by the pool or at the beach with your friends, having a good time without a care in the world. Time passes and you don't realize how long your poor epidermis has been baking, or you forget to reapply …Continue Reading

DIY Screen Printing | DIY Tutorials

Why spend on a customized print when you can make one at home? Try these DIY Screen printing techniques and print to your heart's content.   Screen printing has become increasingly trendy. It's great for personalizing items for special occasions, like birthdays, weddings and holidays.  You can print designs on a wide variety of materials, including shirts, caps, bags …Continue Reading

DIY Water Conservation: The Case for Showering Less

Is there such a thing as being too clean? Some argue that when our water supply is at stake, there is. With 14-percent of the contiguous United States now experiencing drought, there's good reason to adapt ways to reduce water waste in your household. If that means showering less, so be it. Data from 2011, according to Statistica, shows the U.S. using 1,630 cubic …Continue Reading

How to Make DIY Herbal Breath Spray

Want a natural way to freshen your breath without the unnatural chemicals used in chewing gum or breath mints? We’ve got the simplest answer for you – a DIY herbal breath spray! After eating, do you instinctively reach for a chewing gum or breath mints? It can be refreshing - especially after eating a meal with lots of garlic and/or onions. I'm a sucker for both... Most …Continue Reading

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