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Want to Reduce Cognitive Impairment? Try Crafting

"...Creating -- whether it be through art, music, cooking, quilting, sewing, drawing, photography (or) cake decorating -- is beneficial to us in a number of important ways," says Catherine Carey Levisay, a clinical neuropsychologist and wife of CEO John Levisay. Levisay isn't just referring to physical benefits reaped from crafting -- e.g., what a  neat sweater! …Continue Reading

12 IKEA hacks That Will Blow You Away

Love tinkering with your furniture? Then you'll love these IKEA hacks! New home, new season, new family member… whatever the reason you're updating your decor, these IKEA hacks will be useful for you. Instead of spending a small fortune for a more polished look, you can just head to IKEA or upcycle the pieces you already have. Say goodbye to your drab, plain home, and say …Continue Reading

21 Decadent St. Patrick’s Day Cookie Recipes

This year, celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with delicious homemade St. Patrick’s Day cookies! You'll definitely love these creative and fun cookies perfect for this happy occasion! St. Patrick’s Day Cookies For Leprechaun Lovers — This post is courtesy of and shared with permission —  Take a bite of these St. Patrick’s Day cookies! I’ve got loads of recipes …Continue Reading

DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs and Became Something Totally Different

Sometimes you're working on a DIY project, and it turns out entirely different than what you planned. That's what happened with these rugs! DIY Projects That Started Out as Rugs And Became Something Else Entirely Rugs are a surprisingly good foundation for a variety of DIY projects; they provide automatic shape, structure and texture upon which to build. Flat-woven ones in …Continue Reading

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